How long will you wait?

Normally, the only way I can sleep is in pure darkness.
I do not like any light while trying to sleep. None at all…

When I used to charge my old laptop a little blue light would blink on the charger. At night that little light bothered me so much that I would have to get out of my bed and unplug it so I could fall asleep. I would try to let it be, knowing I would need the charged laptop in the morning, but I couldn’t!  Even though I had my eyes closed this little, annoying blue light was still very bright. Imagine that same blue light blinking during the day with the sun shining in and the bedroom light on. I think the only way the blue light would catch my eye would be because it was blinking, not because it was bright. It wouldn’t be bright at all in this situation.

And when I was younger, my mom would come in my room to wake me up for school. So of course she’d have to come in my room multiple times to see if I was out of bed, because I hated waking up (and still do)! I always knew I was at the latest possible moment when my mom would come in and turn the light on. Even though I knew it would eventually happen, I was still always surprised by it because it was so bright! It seemed to be blinding for a moment. The dark was instantly gone and there was no where for me to hide from the light without getting up. I wasn’t even safe under the covers. There was no transitional light to help ease me into the morning. My mom never came in gracefully, handed me sunglasses and said “Here, let me make this slightly easier for you. Put these on so when I turn on your light you won’t be blinded for a second.” Instead it went from dark to light in less than a second.

The contrast between light and dark is so intense that you can’t help but see the light. You can’t ignore it. You can’t help but be annoyed by it. You can’t help but be blinded by it.

Jesus came in a time of darkness. People couldn’t help but see Him. Thousands flocked to Him when He taught. Others came from far away to ask Him for healing. Some went to extremes to get to Jesus through the crowds. Extremes like climbing onto a roof and digging a hole in it to lower in a lame man for Jesus to heal. Some people didn’t know what to think. Is He an impostor? Is He working for Satan? People knew their was something different about Him. They just didn’t know what it was. They were blinded by the light.

“The light shines in the darkness, and the darkness has not understood it.” – John 1:5

There were 430 years of what seems like silence between the Old Testament and the start of Jesus’ ministry. That is the same amount of time between Genesis and the Exodus. Four hundred and thirty years is a long time for anything, but I’m sure it seems even longer when you’re being forced to do hard labor every day generation after generation like the Israelites were forced to do between Genesis and the Exodus.

BUT, God had a plan.
He heard their cries.
He let the light rush in.
He let His glory shine.

God partnered with Moses and Jesus to reveal the plan to His people. Moses and Jesus both visually saw the glory of the Lord, and were able to reflect it for others to see.Sun Light

“He is the radiance of the glory of God…” – Hebrews 1:3

How do you get a people group who is “exceedingly numerous” (Exodus 1:7) to listen to one person?
You bring hope. You bring a message of salvation. You bring something so contrastingly intense that it’s blinding to anyone who is seeing it. You bring light.

Only by God could Moses bring salvation and unfailing hope to the Israelites.
Only by Jesus Christ can we bring salvation and unfailing hope to the world.

The news of salvation and hope we can bring to others may be like a little annoying blue light, but it paves the way for Jesus like John the Baptist did. Then lights will be flipped on and the sun will come up and Jesus will come in blinding and exposing everything in His light. And after the initial shock, it will bring joy.

It will bring fulfillment.

Unless someone chooses to run. And some may run, but others will be attracted to it. Some people may chose to unplug the charger, others may chose to turn on the light, or the rest may chose to wait for the sun to come up. Those are the parts we leave to the Lord.

Some days the problem of human trafficking seems overwhelming, but we have to remember who we’re partnering with and who is working through us: the God who freed the Israelites of slavery. The God who sent His son to die for us so we could proclaim the Good News to those who are being held captive. The God who loves all. The God who is always good.

At Hope61 we’re trying to be annoying, little blue lights. We know that the sun will eventually come up, even if it’s not for another 430 years.

How long are you willing to wait?

Be a little, annoying blue light in the dark.

Plus, someone will probably be wishing they had a fully charged computer in the morning.  I know from experience!

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