What I Forget About Human Trafficking

Sometimes I forget. I forget the way I felt the first time I heard that there are people in this world being raped so someone else’s bank account will grow. It’s my work and my life’s mission to be a part of preventing this atrocity. How could I forget? But their faces, the ones I’ve seen testify to healing and rescue, and the ones I imagine, are always in my mind. It’s the shock I forget, until I’m standing in front of a church that has supported my ministry, and I’m telling them the truth. Then I see it in their eyes. The shock.

Since I’ve been home to fundraise and apply for a new Australian visa, I met a friend for cupcakes and coffee. I told her, “Sometimes I forget the shock of it” so she asked me “Does that make you feel guilty? That you’ve forgotten?” “No,” I replied, because “the shock is gone but something else remains.”

One of Melbourne's famous laneways. Melbourne, Australia.

One of Melbourne’s famous laneways. Melbourne, Australia.

Something lies deeper than the shock and that’s the thing I don’t want to lose. That’s the thing I pray for often, not wanting to forget. I don’t want to forget the fire that ignites underneath every fingernail and strand of hair whenever I talk with someone about why HOPE61 in Australia and New Zealand must focus on preventing demand, dealing with legal prostitution, and how pornography addictions are part of the whole world’s chains.

I can’t forget compassion. That has to be more than a nice speech. I can’t forget my fury at injustice. That has to come from someone greater than me; someone who really knows what justice means. I can’t forget when God spoke to me, and I knew I just want to be with Him; just want to spend every day knowing Him, tell everyone about Him because I can’t help myself or the smile that comes over me when I think about Him. I can’t forget that vulnerability to being trafficked, to being a trafficker, or becoming complicit in supply and demand, is more than a development issue. Preventing human trafficking is about more than our lives on earth because vulnerability also means the potential of living without Him. Forever.

This is what I cannot lose, the knowledge of this. This must be the root of my motives, the reason I am so driven to reach my funding goal and return to Australia. Soon. Jesus Christ, and nothing and no one else, must be reason HOPE61 “Down Under” grows. He is our rest when we’re weary, our Beloved through every moment, our glory and purpose for each day, our King. Our Savior and hope for eternity with God. He is beautiful and worthy of praise. He is hope, and this is what I cannot lose.

This is what I want the vulnerable to know, more than anything else. This is the greatest, most precious thing I have to offer and I offer it with both hands open, asking for humility, trying to step with grace, praying that the hope my King has to offer will soon be greater known throughout Australia, New Zealand…and further still.

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