At the End of the World

The gospel of Jesus Christ is the only solution we can bring to this fight that will be completely successful in fighting human trafficking.

Tom, HOPE61’s director, said this in his first entry here on the blog. His words reflect what we at HOPE61 believe about human trafficking. No matter the progress human hands make towards ending modern slavery, it cannot be eradicated without the spiritual freedom found in Jesus Christ.

-E. Rinehart

-E. Rinehart

End-of-the-world predictions are common, but there’s one truth we can count on: only God knows the final hour of the world as we know it. (Matthew 24:36)

We don’t know how much time we have to fight against injustice and modern day slavery. Let’s protect as many boys, girls, mothers, fathers, brothers, and sisters as possible!

HOPE61 has joined the blogosphere so you can connect more closely with us as we shout the truth into a dark world. Every person who has offered prayers on our behalf, contributed to our financial needs, or volunteered their time, is considered a part of the HOPE61 team. Thank you.

Every MONDAY you can look forward to a word from our director.
Every THURSDAY watch for a post from one of our staff. You’ll be hearing from us as many exciting things happen in 2013!

Philippines — Lauren makes her return to the islands with another OMS missionary as a teammate.
Thailand — Bethany will begin her fundraising to head for Thailand with HOPE61.
Australia — I (Emily) am headed to Australia for a few months work with OMS Australia; this is to further both the specific HOPE61 vision & the larger OMS mission.
And MORE, by God’s grace.

Merry Christmas!

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